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To provide quality service for each individual client according to each and every requirement, the doctor provides the treatment plan and discusses it with the client. The following prices are approximate, as they can differ according to individual cases. For this reason, before commencing the treatment, ask your dentist about the price of the service and the manipulations required, to acquire the best possible results.

Advise: free of charge consultations are available, as then it is possible to discuss all the possible scenarios with the doctor and find the best solution.

Removable Dentures

 Services Prices, Ls/Eur
 Partial acrylic dentures (1-3 thooth units)  50/71
 Partial acrylic dentures (4-13 tooth units) 120/170,80
 Complete dentures 100-200*/142-284
 Partial chrome cob. dentures 280/398
 Partial chrome cob. dentures with attachments 340/483,80

* Depending on the used materials and complexity

Non-removable Dentures 

 Services Price, Ls*
 Acrylic crown 30/42,6
 Metal pressed crown 28/39,80
 Metal pressed acrylic crown 36/51
 Metal casting crown 70/99
 Inlay 60/85
 Metal ceramic crown 1 unit



 Tooth implant with ceramic 450/640

* Prices can vary depending on the used material and complexity - Mājas lapas izstrāde un web-dizains, majas lapas izveide - Mājas lapas izstrāde, mājas lapas izveide